1238S Offset Pivot Set (Handed)
Exterior doors
Width to 3'6"(1067)mm
Height to 7'0"(2134)mm
Interior Doors
Width to 4'0"(1220)mm
Height to 8'6"(2590)mm
Weight to 350lbs(159)kg
  • Bottom pivot mounts directly to floor
  • Available for fire door assemblies up to three hours(Prefix with "F")
  • Intermediate pivot 1258 required for fire application
  • 1 1/2" offset (38.1)mm
  • Investment cast stainless steel, bearings top and bottom pivot
  • Available in standard architectural finishes
  • Extended spindles in 1/2"(12.7)mm increments up to 2"(50.8)mm
  • Intermediate pivot 1258 recommended