Welcome to Brookline Manufacturing

Brookline is a leading producer of door trim and accessories located in Chicago Illinois.
Our ability to manufacture non-standard items has earned Brookline the reputation as the leading supplier of custom designs. Brookline's current manufacturing techniques use the highest quality materials available in today’s marketplace. We strive not only to meet all industry standards for quality and performance, but to surpass them. We have worked hard to set the standard in the hardware industry.

Brookline’s ability to cast, forge or bend stainless steel as well as non ferrous metals, has allowed us to vastly expand our product line. Our increased use of stainless steel along with Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) finishing has allowed us to improve the reliability and durability of many of our products while at the same time enhancing the architectural beauty. We have added stainless steel pivots, overhead stops and hinges to our product line to give you one source for all your trim and accessory needs.

As an architect or designer, Brookline is proud to offer you a full range of products along with our commitment to quality and service. We will not limit your creative thoughts to the pages of this website. If you have a particular item you require, Brookline can manufacture it to your specifications. For any architectural finish other than the standard Brookline finishes or any special finish you may require, please furnish a sample and we will do our best to exceed your expectations. Please contact us with any specifications or requirements you may have.